Quality Education

Imparting education is not a routine process that is restricted solely to the use of chalk and blackboard. AtHarmony Schools, teachers are not programmed to simply pass on knowledge and facts to the students. Our teachers teach them to logically think and reason, ask questions, discover, develop, encourage logical reasoning and independent problem solving skills in the students and foster a care and concern for fellow beings, execute every task entrusted to them with efficiency, responsibility and dedication.

To ensure sound teaching practices, selected candidates are professionally screened before recruitment. The basic 5 qualities that we seek and aim to develop in a teacher are: – ‘Vision, Passion, Integrity, Connectivity and Intelligence’ which makes our students – Confident, Responsible, Reflective, Innovative and Engaged by developing same qualities by participating in a variety of workshop, seminars, conference and team building exercises. These workshops play a vital role in upgrading the knowledge base and the latest trends in education and also make them



Harmony Schools encourages student-centered and enquiry-based approaches to learning. It also develops skills in creative thinking, enquiry and problem solving, giving students excellent preparation for higher-level courses.

When I joined Harmony, I decided not to be an intro vert girl.I was apprehensive of my inner voice which used to tr igger my latent skills,being a novice, I needed a strong kic k in my life. My Parents are the first Push in life, my second pa rents namely - Mrs. BeenaThampi and Mr. Pratap Thampi,both were an d are still my ideals .


At Harmony Schools, teachers play a crucial role in shaping a students personality. They are facilitators who guide and encourage the students towards a better tomorrow which, makes teaching not a one way process but a dialogue that involves the active participation of students.

Ensuring Quality Education
  • Confident in teaching subject and engaging each student in learning
  • Responsible for themselves, responsive to and respectful of others
  • Reflective as a learner, developing the teaching practice
  • Innovative and equipped for new and future challenges
  • Engaged intellectually, professionally and socially, ready to make a difference.

Our learning methodology extends beyond the prescribed textbooks. Students are encouraged to study complex topics based on experiential learning. Project-based learning ensures that the students master the basic principles for a better understanding of the subject.


Harmony Schools believes, if parents get involved in their children’s education, they positively influence the children’s chances of success. So parents are involved in educational activities of children and take their feedback seriously.   Parents and school personnel work together to ensure progress of every child and we consider this process as the back bone of our high learning standards.

Harmony Pratap Sir’s value- based lectures were always inte ractive& interesting,giving platform to all kids to pen thei r thoughts and shed their fear, BeenaMaam’s earnestendeavour towar ds my participation in various activities made me a confi dent girl,I came out from my shell,it honed my leadership skills and instil team spirit.

Pratap Sir ‘s maxim, “The road that lies ahead won’ t be easy. There will be obstacles, solitariness but that’s the right moment to buckle up and proceed ahead. when the situation becomes difficult, the strong will work harder to meet the challenges and stand strong to reminisce the life l essons.

He was right. Twice the cultural leader of my colle ge, being the Chief Communication Officer in collab oration with TISS for 3 years, selected as a Research Intern in TISS, passed two Diploma from TISS, working as a trainer at Teach India, selected as a YuvatiSeher Adhikari, YuvaSena, Shiv Sena.

All this was not a cakewalk for me. I express my gr atitude to my ideals. Always trust yourself, When the going gets tough , the tough get going