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The Glory Of Shri Chattampi Swami

Sri Chattampi Swamikal
Sri Chattampi Swamikal

        Shri Chattampi Swami was a sage who lived in the Travancore State from 1853-1924. Swami belonged to a rare band of religious leaders who led a selfless life in the midst of common people. He set an example for others to follow and raised the moral and spiritual standards of the society. A great soul and an equally brilliant mind, Shri Chattampi Swami was a remarkable saint who, lived in Kerala. He was a man who, strictly adhered to the characteristic virtues of an ideal hermit and practiced Ahimsa. His influence opened the vision of many and gave self-confidence to the large section of the people in the Travancore area.

Swami visualized a universal family of man without the barriers of caste or creed. With his abundant love and compassion for all created things, he started a new epoch in spiritual regeneration. Humble creatures like ants and dogs were his brothers and friends.

Swami considered Ahimsa as the highest duty. He was against the killing of animals and the eating of meat. He believed that the path of Ahimsa led to Salvation . He declared that Brahmins and non-Brahmins have equal right to learn the Vedas. He himself studied the Vedas and other Sastras, hitherto denied to non-Brahmins. He explained Vedanta in a lucid style that could be understood even by an illiterate. He pointed out that women have equal, if not even more, rights in society. Few people have labored harder than Swami to enable them to break the chains of traditionally held customs and practices.

Atman is Brahman, each man is potentially divine, that all existence is one. - Shri Chattampi Swami